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The Golem Speaks:

The Golem Speaks is edited and maintained by Peter Mains.

What is a Golem?

The Golem is a medieval Jewish legend. During the middle ages, so-called Christians would often harbor deep animosity towards the Jews living among them. This hatred would manifest itself in what is known as "blood libel." This, in turn gave rise to the Jewish counter-legend of the Golem.

According to legend, God commanded Rabbi Loew to build a man of clay, just as God had made Adam. Like Adam, this man of clay was animated by the Word of God. When a word from the Torah was placed in his mouth, the man of clay came to life. Because this man was made by a man, he was a little rough around the edges -- not too handsome, and usually unable to speak.

The one thing that the Golem had was his size and strength. He would protect the people of the Jewish quarter from those that would prey upon them.

What Does That Have to do With This Website?

I fell in love with this story. The man of clay is someone we can all relate to and feel for. We all have moments where we feel misshapen and inadequate. All of us know the desire to stand up for the oppressed; those who have been abused and silenced.

Also, the religious component of this story touched my heart. Each one of us is animated by the Word of God -- Who was made man and is known to us as Jesus Christ. This may be a Jewish legend, but it's one that Christians can immediately relate to and understand.

MmHmm. And?

And I'm just trying to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. As much as I can, I want to use this as a platform to speak out for those who are voiceless. But, when all is said and done, I want to be able to say that this is His website.

And He always stands with the oppressed and the wronged. The philosopher, Peter Kreeft, once asked, "Where was God during the Holocaust? He was in the gas chambers." He bears our sin and our pain, always.

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